Family Retreat in Kokee

Hale Makana was donated to Kauai Christian Fellowship in September of 1998. Nestled on a hillside of the scenic mountains of Kokee, this cabin has an awesome view of Niihau off the back lanai and hiking trails too numerous to count out the front door. 

While the cabin keeps its rustic feel by not offering electricity or drinkable water, there are modern luxuries for us spoiled folks such as a phone, gas fridge, stove, plenty of hot water and - thanks to Jim Pilgram - solar powered lights! Our hope is to give a retreat to the families and individuals of our congregation, un-distracted time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

It is our desire that time spent in this cabin will strengthen marriages, cement family bonds and draw people closer to the heart of God. In addition to this, we are able to use this cabin for staff during our youth camps usually located at Hale Koa, walking distance from Hale Makana. We call it the Gift House because it was a gift to us, but the gift keeps on giving, time and time again. The gift of serenity, peacefulness, quiet, time to spend with the kids, our spouses or just by ourselves. It's a retreat, a sanctuary a safe place to come and relax, renew and refresh in our physical and spiritual lives. 

Kauai Christian Fellowship invites only its members and their families to enjoy this retreat. (Sorry, this is not a vacation rental) 

This retreat cabin is NOT designed for multiple families and friends nor is it permissible for church members to make a reservation under their name and then offer it to friends to use. (Please consider using Camp Hale Koa if you wish to have a family reunion or a gathering with friends.)

Click Here for More Information on the Cabin and How to Reserve It. 

Camp Hale Koa

While not officially part of Kauai Christian Fellowship, Camp Hale Koa offers group and ohana camping in the cool mountains of Kokee. The camp sleeps up to 90 campers and has a huge kitchen, meeting room and game room as well as lots of open space to roam and play. Please go to this website for more info about the camp: