Friends of Ours

Over the years we have made friends with lots of wonderful folks. Some of them are musicians, some comedians, magicians, scientists, and some are Pastors or missionaries. We really have enjoyed what they brought to our church family and want to share links to some of their websites with you.

In addition, we have listed folks whose services you might wish to use if you are coming to Kauai for a visit, to get married etc. We have photographers, vacation rental owners, surf shop owners and manufactuers and so forth that are part of our church family.

  • Musicians

    Atlas Takes Aim - Modern Rock -

    Jess Penner - Great Girl Rock -

    Flatfoot 56 - Celtic Punk -

    Michael Kelly Blanchard - Ballad Heavy Folk -

    The Duo-tones - Old School Surf Music -

    Pierce Pettis - Smooth Americana/Folk -

    Jan Krist - Modern Folk -

    Randy Stonehill - Folk Rock -

    Justin Fox - Worship -

    Brenton Brown - Worship -

  • Comics / Migicians

    Tim Hawkins -

    Paul Aldrich -

    The Horn Guy -

    Bean & Bailey -

    Danny Ray -


    Hugh Ross - Astrophysicist -

    Pastor Von - Spectrum Ministries (Mexico) -


    Ken McCoy - Jumpstart Ministries -

    Sandra Tanner - Utah Lighthouse -

    Mark Gungor - Laugh Your Way to A Better Marriage -


    Surfboards - Mike Wellman Surfboards -

    Alaska Fishing, Hunting etc. with Dr. Bob -

    Surfboard rentals and South Side surf shop -

    Music lessons: Bandwagon Studios

    Graphic Design & Layout: Brad Cate Design

    Music Gear: Kauai Music & Sound and Scotty's Music