Hale Makana - The Gift House

Part of the charm of our cabin is the remote location and the rustic accommodations. We have found our guests enjoy themselves best if they come prepared for both.

Our beautiful Kokee retreat is tucked in the trees with a stunning view of Niihau - especially at sunset. And the covered front porch has become a favorite spot to start and end a day in our local mountains. 

The cabin has 2 small bedrooms - 4 twin beds bunk style in one and a queen sized bed in the other. In addition to the bedrooms, there is a small living room with a dining room attached, a full bathroom with shower and a cabin style kitchen complete with propane stove and fridge. Since this is still Kauai, you will find a wonderful private outdoor shower off the back porch.

Due to it's intimate size, we ask that families keep their numbers to about 6 people during their stay.

For more details on what to expect, you may click on: WHAT TO BRING.

Before you book, please read over the use guidelines and make sure you are good with them. Go here to download that info: HALE MAKANA GUIDELINES.

After checking the cabin calendar on the BOOK THE CABIN tab, you may start the reservation process by clicking here: 


  If this is your first time or it has been awhile, feel free to click on the following for driving directions and a simple map: 


Please Note: Hale Makana is only available for those in our faith community. (A good reason to make sure you are in our photo phone directory) If you have any questions, you are welcome to email the church office at kcfhome@mac.com or Jodee Burris at jodee_malia@hotmail.com

Please know that the cabin is maintained and supplied by donations. Please join us on our scheduled workdays if you enjoy the use of the cabin.

Book The Cabin

To reserve our beautiful cabin in Kokee, we have a few simple steps to follow:

1. The cabin is reserved primarily for KCF folks.  

Make sure you are in our current ohana photo phone directory. If you are part of our family but not in the book, contact the church office.   

2. Check the cabin calendar for available dates.   

You may do this by scrolling to the cabin calendar at the bottom of this information.   

Click LAUNCH and find your preferred dates - days that are not marked are typically open. 

3. Pick a date and then fill out the reservation form.

You will find the form and other important details on the HALE MAKANA INFO tab.

You may place a tentative hold on an open date by emailing Jodee Burris at: jodee_malia@hotmail.com.  

4. Submit your completed form and payment to the church office.

This will secure your reservation. A confirmation email will be sent to you once all the paperwork is in.

5. Confirm your dates by checking the cabin calendar on this website.

We ask that you check the online calendar (HERE) to make sure the date you think is scheduled is indeed reserved for you.

A few other important facts....

Please note that you can only reserve one date at a time

in order to insure that everyone gets a chance to use the cabin. 

It is important to read the cabin guidelines prior to booking.  

You are welcome to email the church office or Jodee Burris to get the lastest update before you head up the mountain.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not have a housekeeping crew. You will need to bring all of you own linens & supplies and leave it ready, clean and stocked for the next people to check-in after you.

The Lock Boxes

The chain across the driveway can be lowered by using the code on the combination lock. You will be given the code when your reservation is confirmed. The lock must be pushed "in" to release. To re-lock, change the numbers to anything other than the code and click it closed. The house key can be retrieved from the lock box mounted on the wall next to the kitchen door. This lock uses the same code as the driveway chain. Please be sure to secure the doors and driveway when you leave. Mahalo.