The  Creative Arts - Music, Video, Composition and More

We believe that we serve a God who desires to imprint His Creativity on us. He is the source of imagination, inspiration, beauty, insight and ability. When we create for His glory we are doing an act of worship even if that thing we create never us used in a typical church setting.

KCF celebrates and develops artists, communicators, musicians, writers, designers in various areas of the arts. Listed below are a few examples of our exploration of the Creative Arts.

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The Written Word

KCF encourages those in our community to use their skills to create tools for ministry, personal growth and just plain fun. Here are a few examples of creative writing that can be found in our church family.

  • Soul Surfer - Rick Bundschuh

    KCF Teaching Pastor Rick Bundschuh is also a much published author. His best know work was telling the story of Bethany Hamilton who was 14 years old when the book came out and then a few laters was made into a feature film.

  • Moving Messages - Rick Bundschuh

    Rick's latest book explores new ways for Pastors and Teachers to communicate the message on Sunday Morning. The kind of ground breaking and revolutionary thinking Rick is known for.

  • The Mask - Mason & Rick Bundschuh, Illustrated By Shari Pilaria

    Father and son teamed to write a Christmas fable with a powerful message and tapped local KCF artist Shari Pilaria to do the artwork for this gift book.

  • The Real Story of St. Nick - Rick Bundschuh

    A revealing look at the real "Saint" Nicholas and how his example prompted Christmas traditions celebrated even today. A great way to help kids understand the reason and meaning behind Good Ol' St. Nick without taking away any of the magic.


Established by our worship pastor Jeremy Hartshorn and his wife Julie, the Bandwagon music center is a fully equipped music learning center where kids and adults can go to hone their skills on a wide verity of musical instruments. 

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Jeremy is also a  prolific songwriter. Many of his songs are sung at churches around the world. To take a listen, visit