The "Cooking" Crew

Yes, the lunatics really do run the asylum at Kauai Christian Fellowship. 

The following are sketches of the various folks who are serving our community by cooking up hot, delicious and  imaginative ways to connect people to Jesus.

Rick Bundschuh

Teaching Pastor / Resident Trouble Maker / The Gas

Rick serves as Teaching Pastor and resident Trouble Maker. He is always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to reach people for Christ. He is passionate about God, his wife Lauren, his four kids, surfing, cartooning, writing and telling people about Jesus. He is also a prolific author and has published many books on sprituality and parenting. If you need the truth bat, he's your man.


Dain Spore

Teaching Pastor / Utility Guy / Crying Enthusiast

Handling duties of Teaching Pastor, Base Camp Overseer and Worship Leader, Dain's infectious warmth and constant stream of encouraging words makes him tons of fun to be around. Also, he crys a lot - usually tears of joy. Dain really enjoys surfing and following football, but his greatest love is his wife Tessie and their two kids. Dain trades worship and teaching duties back and forth with Jeremy, Mason, doing worship and Adam, Rick and Steve in teaching. If you need a hug, he's your man.


Jeremy Hartshorn

Worship Pastor / Resident Songwriter / No-Hair Enthusiast

Prolific, talented, energetic - these are just a few apt descriptions of our Pastor of Worship Arts - Jeremy Hartshorn. Jeremy is our primary worship leader and is in charge of worship team development.  Besides being a husband to Julie and family man with four kids, he is also a coffee mutt and multi-faceted musician. He is a prolific songwriter  who's original worship songs are currently making thier way around the globe. 

Steve Thompson

Teaching Pastor, Theology Enthusiast and the Listening Ear

Steve is the founding Pastor of the North Shore Christian Fellowship (AKA The Tent Church) which has now joined forces with Kauai Christian Fellowship to be our North Campus. Steve serves as  Teaching Pastor, resident scholar and all around great guy.

Adam Ayers

Coffee cup in the hand enthusiast

  "The Professor" Adam Ayers joined the the mob to work with young adults and give some book learning expertise and witty comments to liven up our times together. Adam and his wife Wendy hail from Southern California where he  has served as a Pastor and professor of Anthropology at Vanguard University

Sarah Hill

North Shore Youth, Girls & Women's Ministries/Make Up Enthusiast

Sarah brings her devotion, skill and dedication to youth into play primarily at our North Campus and works to develop powerful outreach to girls and women not only on Kauai but all around the nation and as part of the Bethany Hamilton Foundation board.

Tony Leair

High School Pastor / Hair Enthusiast

Leading the charge with High School students is Tony Leair. A transplant from the frigid winters of Minnesota, Tony was an intern at KCF while a college student and is now back in the role of big cheese. Tony makes his home in Omao along with Tatiana his new bride. 


Mike Wellman

Discipleship Pastor / Surf Legend / Motorcycle Racer

One of the founding leaders of Kauai Christian Fellowship, Mike has always been bi-vocational mixing his skill in surfboard building and wave riding with a deep desire to see believers become disciples of Christ. Mike and Susie share their love nest in Kalaheo with a herd of weenie dogs. 


Darren Cote

Sports Pastor,  Ball chasing enthusiast

Darren is the man in charge of the KCF Southside Sports Center and it's his job to be the connection between folks coming to improve their physical well being but who even more need their souls to get healthy. Darren and his family live in Poipu.

Mason Bundschuh

Furry Face Enthusiast and Worship Leader

With a long history playing guitar in rock bands and an uncanny talent for writing novels and short stories, Mason guides and trains the musicians at our North Shore campus and trades off with Jeremy doing taking worship leading duties at both campus locations as well as juggles in his daddy duties with four young kids.

Kellie McEvoy

Office Manager / Animal Trainer / Coffee Drinker

Kellie manages the office and trains the monkeys at the KCF Zoo. She is the one to go to if you really need to know anything.

Lucas Grimaud

Storyteller / Movie Buff / Night Owl

Lucas is a young filmmaker from Southern California. He serves as the resident storyteller and media director for KCF. 



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Jenna Marshall

Jenna is the newest addition to our crazy team here at KCF. She is our children's ministry director and oversees the spiritual development of our K through 5th Graders.