Our History

Kauai Christian Fellowship is actually a youth ministry gone berserk. Our founding leaders felt that there needed to be a church on the island that put a high priority on reaching youth and their families.

In September of 1991 we held our first meeting in Koloa School and soon thereafter rented out space in Rainbow Plaza in Kalaheo where we met in cramped conditions until October of 2002 when we moved into our current new campus in Poipu. 

Since our founding, Kauai Christian Fellowship has remained a non-denominational Christian church... but we happily hangout with believers of various Christian backgrounds.


Before our first meeting one of our team said “Let’s figure out who we are going to offend and offend them right off the bat!” 

We all agreed as we figured it was better to show our colors and let those who enjoyed our style and emphasis jump in with us and those who wanted a church experience different than what we were offering to not waste time trying get us to “see the light”. 

Part of our DNA is that we are a community that is comfortable with change. We don’t have to do it the same this week as last week. 

If something doesn’t work we put it out of its misery rather than perpetuating a loser. 

We are happy to mutate and try out new ideas as long as they are honoring to God and fit with our purpose and vision.

What Makes Us Tick

We get real fired up about the core of timeless Christian beliefs; like the things mentioned in the ancient creeds of the church. And of course we are deeply committed to the Bible as God’s revealed message to human beings. 

We think that the church comes into the building to worship and be challenged or encouraged and then goes out to be the “church” at home, at work or in school. 

We are real clear where the Bible is clear. We allow for fuzziness where the Bible is fuzzy. And we have nothing to say where the Bible is silent. 

When we get together for worship gatherings or other community things we practice those things that are clearly taught or modeled in the Bible. And we avoid stuff that causes confusion, theological controversy or makes people think we are nutty. But you are free to do nutty stuff in the comfort of your own home...just don’t try to get disciples.

We try to form our Sunday gatherings to connect to our whole family of faith; those new in Christ, those who have been believers for years, the young, the old, the simple and those with an academic mindset. And we hope that things are put in such a way that those who are still wondering about a relationship with God will understand. You can expect to find teachings on most Sundays a blend of elementary and profound, Biblical yet not so theological as to be impractical in everyday life.

If you tell us you are a believer in Jesus we take you at your word and welcome you to be part of our fellowship. (So much for our membership policy) We figure that if you are clueless as to what a believer really is you will figure it out pretty soon by hanging out with us and become the genuine article. We aren’t looking for pretty or perfect people. We don’t mind helping you get your life untangled.

We are into kids and their families. Our ministries towards young people are a hallmark of Kauai Christian Fellowship. We take this responsibility very seriously. For example, we think it is a sin to bore a kid (or an adult for that matter) and so we do whatever it takes to keep our youth ministry and kids programs attractive and meaningful to each age level. We put lots of our time and resources into kids. We think it is worth it in the long run.

Small Groups are key to connecting at Kauai Christian Fellowship. As our church gets larger, it will be harder and harder to truly know people... unless we get into a small accountability group. We call these small groups “Base Camps” and they are springing up all the time.  

We are evangelistic but we think it is the primary job of those in the church to lead others to Christ and not to rely on bringing them to a meeting where the job gets done for them. Therefore we seldom have altar calls or use other devices to bring people out of their seats for a response to the Gospel. We think a workbench in the garage or the kitchen table is a much better altar and ask all our people to be proactive in sharing their faith.